Lubricant User Guide (Passenger Cars)

Gulf Oil comprehensive product portfolio covers a complete range of lubricants used in Automotive applications, with approvals from accredited bodies like API, ACEA and leading global OE manufacturers. Gulf Oil products built on core value of Quality, Endurance and Passion.

Gulf Oil’s high performing quality engine oils and lubricants are formulated using advanced additive technologies and delivers enhanced performance, reliability, and longevity for wide range of automotive usage.

Passenger Car Engine Oils – Wide range of passenger car engine oils exceeds the requirements of international standards and major OEM’s. The comprehensive range formulated with advance additive technology to reduce engine wear, enhance fuel economy, engine cleanliness and extended drain intervals.

Gear Box (Manual & Transmission Fluids) – Gulf Oil’s high-quality transmission fluids are formulated for manual and automatic transmissions, suitable for a wide range of automotive vehicles. It is enhanced wear protection and superior thermo-oxidative stability helps to extend the life of equipment and also it gives excellent drivability and smooth performance.

Coolants – Gulf Oil coolants are formulated with special inhibitors which provides excellent cooling of the engine components, while protecting the engine against winter frost damage and excessive evaporation in summer. The benefits of coolants are numerous and that is why they’ve become a necessity for vehicles over time.

Greases – Gulf Oil offers greases such as multipurpose high-quality greases for use in a wide range of automotive applications as well as varied industrial applications.

Steering Fluids – The Gulf Oil steering fluids are developed for power steering systems to enhance thermal stability, reduces friction, and protect against rush and corrosion.

Brake Fluids – The Gulf Oil’s Brake fluids are designed for super breaking performance in a wide range of vehicles, even those operating at high temperature conditions. The brake fluid provides superior protection against corrosion of metallic component of brake system and exceeds performance requirement international standards.