Manchester United

Gulf Oil's partnership with Manchester United, surely the world's legendary football name, brings together two brands with incredible heritage, a pride in performance excellence and the ability to listen to the wishes of their customers - the fans, in the case of Manchester United - and turn this into action.

Our partnership with Manchester United, one of the world's most recognised and celebrated sports clubs, enabled us to take our core values of quality, endurance and passion to a whole new level.

Today, we can engage with Manchester United fans across the globe, including followers in Middle East & Asia. The distinctive Gulf Oil orange disc features on the club's digital perimeter boards during Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup matches at Old Trafford, presenting an ideal opportunity for Gulf Oil to expand and stand on the global stage.

Manchester United Group officials commented, "While both Manchester United and Gulf Oil have evolved and adapted since their foundation more than 100 years ago, neither has forgotten its roots. Gulf Oil always seeks to demonstrate its core values of quality, endurance and passion, which are principles that are also held by the Club." Further went on to say, "Gulf Oil International already has significant experience in sport and we are looking forward to working with them to expand that into football. Through this partnership we will further our commitment to reach our fans around the world, especially in Middle East and Asia."

Gulf Oil is regarded as an iconic brand in motorsport circles, but this is a truly exciting opportunity for Gulf Oil to expand beyond our motorsport sponsorships and to stand on the global stage - showing the ambition and growth aspirations of the brand. We are extremely excited about the prospect of moving forward together.