Benefits of using a coolant

Coolant is a mixture of distilled water and alcohol. Also referred to as antifreeze, its primary function is to absorb the extreme heat generated by a running engine

When the engine is running, the coolant continuously circulates through the engine and back through the radiator. The radiator is affixed to the front of the vehicle, just behind the grill, to maximize air intake. As air passes through the fins on the radiator, it cools the circulating coolant.

The benefits of antifreeze/coolant are numerous and that’s why they’ve become a necessity for vehicles over time

  • Prevents the engine from reaching boiling temperatures during the summer
  • Helps to reduce engine rust and corrosion
  • Extends the life of rubber and plastic components
  • Helps to reduce electrolysis, which can erode engine components and cause costly repairs
  • Prevents car breakdowns
  • Helps in Maintaining Optimum Fuel Economy
  • Reduces the Maintenance Costs & Downtime
  • Protects the Engine