Gulf Ultrasynth GDI 5W-30

Gulf Ultrasynth GDI 5W-30

Viscosity Grades

  • SAE 5W-30

Packs Available

  • 1 litre
  • 4 litres
  • 5 litres
  • 208 litres

Product Data Sheet


Gulf Ultrasynth GDI 5W-30 is most advanced passenger car motor oil specially developed for the most modern high output gasoline and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and vans. The most advanced lubricant technology will prevent LSPI (Low speed pre ignition) problem which potentially can damage the engine.

Product Performance & Specifications



  • Most advanced engine oil technology with API SP and ILSAC GF6 approvals
  • Recommended for all modern cars with turbocharged engines
  • Extended drain interval, engine protection, cleanliness, enhanced fuel economy and reduced carbon footprints are few generic benefits