Gulf Security

Gulf Security

Viscosity Grades

  • ISO VG-32
  • ISO VG-46
  • ISO VG-68
  • ISO VG-100
  • ISO VG-150
  • ISO VG-220
  • ISO VG-320
  • ISO VG-460
  • ISO VG-680

Packs Available

  • 208 litres
  • Bulk

Product Data Sheet


Industrial bearing and circulating oils primarily intended for lubrication of
circulating systems.

Product Performance & Specifications

ISO VG-32, ISO VG-46, ISO VG-68, ISO VG-100,
ISO VG-150, ISO VG-220, ISO VG-320, ISO VG-460, ISO VG-680


  • Good water separating capability promotes separation of water in reservoir.
  • Inherent resistance to oxidation minimises sludge & varnish.

    High Viscosity Index ensures small changes of viscosity with change of temperature.