Gulf Fidelity PA

Gulf Fidelity PA

Viscosity Grades

  • ISO VG 46
  • ISO VG 68
  • ISO VG 100

Product Data Sheet


Single or multiple stage rotary screw or vane, centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors of various OEMs including Hydrovane, Atlas Copco, Compare, and Worthington. Compressors used in mobile and stationary applications.

Product Performance & Specifications

ISO VG 46, ISO VG 68, ISO VG 100

DIN 51506 VDL, ISO 6743-3 ISO-L-DAB and ISO-L-DAJ


  • Zinc-free formulation ensures excellent filterability by minimizing oil filter blockage in wet condition ,Excellent low volatility characteristics give low oil consumption and reduced top-up rates
  • Improved surface properties results in very good anti-foaming and air release properties and
    superior demulsibility