Gulf Crown LC1/LC2/LC3 GREASE

Gulf Crown LC1/LC2/LC3 GREASE

Viscosity Grades

  • NLGI 2
  • NLGI 3

Packs Available

  • 15
  • 180

Product Data Sheet


Gulfcrown LC greases are premium quality multipurpose Lithium Complex Soap greases recommended for an extensive array of automotive and industrial applications, particularly suitable for high temperatures and severe working conditions. It meets the requirements of NLGI service category GC-LB. Gulfcrown LC grease is available in NLGI grades 2 and 3 and recommended for use at temperatures from –30°C to 150°C dependingon NLGI grade,and retain consistency during high temperature peaks
(225 C).

Product Performance & Specifications

ISO 6743-9: L-XBEHB 2
DIN 51502: KPF2P- 20


  • Extensive application range
  • Excellent mechanical stability & Thermal stability
  • Miscible with other conventional soap greases
  • Fulfills the requirements of most automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers