Gulf Graphite Grease 2 & 3

Gulf Graphite Grease 2 & 3

Viscosity Grades

  • NLGI 2
  • NLGI 3

Packs Available

  • 15
  • 180

Product Data Sheet


Gulf Graphite Greases are good quality Lithium Calcium based
greases fortified with best known natural solid lubricant,graphite. They are recommended for moderately low temperature applications where water resistance is required such as lubrication of slow speed, heavy-duty plain bearings throughout industry. The presence of graphite gives added protection when routine service intervals are extended. Gulf Graphite Grease is available in NLGI grades 2 and 3

Product Performance & Specifications

ASTM D4950 GB-LA DIN 51502 KP2K-30
ISO 6743


  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Very good water resistance